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Gone With The Wind Book Sculpture

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How thrilled I am with this finished piece! It took 3 separate pieces to sculpt a "Tara" that I was happy with and I think this one has the feel of a plantation house. I love love love 'Scarlet', hopefully I captured a picture that shows the details of her dress-- so cute. I spent a lot of time cutting trees that suited me for the scene and of course, the farmhands just complete the vision in my head.

Snow White Book Sculpture Pictures

Posted in By Vikimouse 1 comments

Finally got around to taking the pictures of my Snow White sculpture. Oh my gosh I need a better system for taking the photos--they just don't seem to do the pieces proud. There is so much more dimension and detail that what appears in the photo.  In any event, I am very happy with this piece. My grandson, Trentyn-- who is 5 years old was very impressed and seemed to want to crawl right into that little world! That is exactly what I hope to accomplish with the sculptures

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