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Book sculpture- Wizard of Oz

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Wizard of Oz book sculpture. Can't really tell from the picture but I tinted the print of "emerald city" with a very pale shade of green.


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Finally ready to post a picture of my Swiss Family Robinson book sculpture. Spent a lot of time getting the "tree houses" to look exactly like I wanted. Love the shoreline on this one. Can't see it in the picture but there is a table and chair in the larger treehouse.  Trentyn (my grandson) is completely mesmerized by the book sculptures. After he studied this one a while he said, "grandma are they going to put water in that bucket?" :)

Wood burns

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Took some time out from 'dwelling' this week and worked a couple of wood burnings. I really love the Rockwell ones best and I think I'll do another today.


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Finally remembered to buy batteries for my camera so I'm catching up on some pictures for my blog. This is my little collection of zentangles. I gotta say they are aptly named because there is an overall zen-like feeling when you're working a tangle. No pressure, no aspirations, just taking a breather and's great.

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